Our Art


Oriental Weavers custom design rugs and carpets allow customers to tailor designs to their specific tastes, creating a uniquely personal product.

The art of rug weaving in Egypt is as old as its civilization, which has roots stretching all the way back to the time of the Pharaohs. For thousands of years, Egyptians have had a sensitive feel for colors, designs and an exquisite taste for beauty, as seen in the many Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic relics that make up the civilization and culture of Egypt. Indeed, among the first-known examples of woven fabrics in the world is a linen cloth that was made in Upper Egypt c.5000 BC. The textiles discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen reveal the impressive variety of techniques used at the time — c.1300 BC — including cloth embroidered in beads, striped weaves, tapestry-woven gloves, and belts in warp-face weave.

The experience of Egyptians in the modern textile industry introduced the perfect industrial base for superior art designing, and carpet and rug making at Oriental Weavers depends on both inherited artistic excellence and modern technological expertise in textiles.

Oriental Weavers is proud to continue the textile tradition of our homeland. The company houses the largest design center in the industry, and employs more than 50 top-quality production designers from around the world. This international team is based in the UK, US, Egypt and China, and the group has also signed partnership agreements with Tommy Bahama and Pantone.

Expanding on our own design center, we have involved our customers, as well. Custom-made rugs and carpets are a newly established division of Oriental Weavers — from matching a swatch of fabric or a sketch, our designers can transform any idea into an exquisite rug or carpet.

What is envisioned by the customer will be directly translated and produced. No color, design or size is impossible. Custom made rugs and carpets by Oriental Weavers bring a unique and truly distinguishable product to any décor.