Our Brands

Oriental Weavers features five distinct brands that are marketed through independent divisions, each with a unique mandate.

OW Hospitality

OW Hospitality, a division of Oriental Weavers catering to the hospitality and entertainment industry, produces woven Axminster carpets. Using 80% wool and 20% nylon, Axminster carpets offer an optimum blend for performance, luxury and comfort. Due to the unique characteristics of the wool, it can also be dyed to very light or vibrant shades, ensuring that it can be woven into both classic and contemporary designs. OW Hospitality benefits from a close relationship with its machine manufacturers, allowing the company to produce unique products such as the 19 mm pile height rugs popular with the royal families of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Among the company’s numerous clients in the hospitality sector are Hyatt, Kempinski, Sheraton, InterContinental and the MGM Group. In 2011, OW Hospitality became the preferred supplier for both Four Seasons and Hilton. The division has established markets in the US and Europe, with offices in London and the US cities of Dalton, New York and Las Vegas.

La Boutique

La Boutique is developed around the simple concept of customer involvement. La Boutique’s customers can commission custom rugs and carpets by matching a swatch of fabric or sketch, which is then transformed into an exquisite rug or carpet. This division caters to higher-end and top-niche markets.

OW Lifestyle

OW Lifestyle is the group’s line of contemporary rugs that includes a large variety of shag carpeting in various textures, styles and colors. Designed around today’s lifestyle, the company offers only the finest materials combined with the highest production standards. The OW Lifestyle name has come to be synonymous with quality and value, bringing a unique and truly distinguishable touch to any decor. Like La Boutique, Lifestyle provides a brand outlet for Oriental Weavers to market products with specific themes, in this case the ultra modern and abstract. The company sells its increasingly popular products locally through its own retail outlets and also exports to countries around the globe.

OW Gobelin

OW Gobelin produces high-end, non-polypropylene-based woven tapestries, upholstery and floor coverings targeting the luxury residential and commercial markets. Fully customized and typically destined for architectural firms and luxury hotel operators, OW Gobelin is also available to other high-end customers.

OW Classics

OW Classics is a brand within the Oriental Weavers Carpet umbrella focused on selling and promoting handmade rugs based on traditional designs. OW Classics offers the most prestigious rugs in the global market place using distinct color palettes and international appeal.