Where We Do It

Oriental Weavers has grown to become a multinational floor coverings and related raw materials producer based in Egypt’s Tenth of Ramadan City, with additional production facilities in China and the United States.

  • Oriental Weavers products are manufactured at 31 factories (Including feeding industry)
  • 95% of production capacity is located in Egypt.
  • New Mac is not a sub it is separate from Mac carpet “Fiber Factory”


Made in Egypt

Oriental Weavers is proud to continue the long tradition of weaving in Egypt — which dates back thousands of years — and the company has grown from a single loom to become a fully vertically integrated, multinational floor coverings producer based in Egypt’s Tenth of Ramadan City. The company’s subsidiaries operating in Egypt include Oriental Weavers Carpet Company, Oriental Weavers International, MAC Carpet “Fiber Factory” and Egyptian Fibers Company. Oriental Weavers operates numerous production plants and facilities in the country, producing everything from machine woven carpets and rugs for the Egyptian market, to door and kitchen rugs, rubber backed bathroom mats, and multilevel textured mats for export to more than 130 countries across the globe, including to some of the world’s largest retailers and hotels. Oriental Weavers has been traded on the Egyptian Exchange since 1997 and today its shares represent the consolidated earnings of the company’s holding companies.

Made in USA

Oriental Weavers is proud to offer a wide variety of high fashion products designed and made in the USA, including collections featuring a variety of patterns from Traditional to Transitional, all designed utilizing color palettes with the US consumer in mind. Oriental Weavers USA manufactures in the company’s plant in Dalton, Georgia, and also markets and distributes products it imports from the company’s Egyptian plants. The company sells to mass merchants and big-box retailers, as well as to independent retailers, furniture retailers, catalogues and department stores. In recent years the company has been awarded America’s Most Magnificent Rug award through its high-end brand, Sphinx.

Made in China

Oriental Weavers’ subsidiary in China, Oriental Weavers (Tianjin) Company Ltd., was established in 2006 in anticipation of China’s growing importance in the global economic scene and in response to an increasingly globalized world. As domestic demand continues to drive the growth of China’s economy, and with a population of over 1.3 billion, Oriental Weavers intends to capitalize on the rise of the country’s large middle class by leveraging relationships with global retail customers, which have seen notable growth in China in recent years. Following events in Egypt in early 2011, group management ramped up production at OW China’s facilities, and management will continue focusing on utilizing OW China as a new hub for our contract / commercial business and expanding Aximinster operations to capitalize on strong growth in China’s hospitality business, in addition to developing the company’s market share in the emerging Asian market.