Installing your new carpet

After choosing the right carpet, proper installation is necessary to achieve the perfect look and feel for your room. Even if you are experienced with home improvements, we recommend hiring a professional installation contractor to help ensure you are fully satisfied with the results. Proper installation will increase longevity and is crucial to the overall performance of your carpet.


  • Inquire about additional fees when contacting the installation team, such as the cost of moving larger furniture or the removal of old flooring.

  • Confirm which services will be provided by the installers and which you may need to take care of yourself.

  • Clean and organize the room prior to the arrival of the contractors.

  • Consider removing any breakable items and ensuring the floor and room are sufficiently clean and tidy. Move as much furniture as possible into a room that is not having a rug installed.

  • Minimal dirt and dust at the time of installation will lead to better results.

  • Unplug and store the wiring from any electronic devices.

  • To achieve optimal results, the subfloor must be structurally sound and clean.

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    Be sure there are ample readily accessible electrical outlets in the room and surrounding area.

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    During installation, open doors and windows to provide for proper ventilation. Continuing ventilating with fresh air for at least 48 hours.

  • You may notice some shedding following installation, but this is normal and usually subsides within a short time. If a tuft appears to be abnormally long, simply clip it off — never pull it out.

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    Any other questions before, during, or after the installation process can be directed at either Oriental Weavers or your installation contractor.