Message from the Founder

From our beginnings as a single loom, Oriental Weavers has grown to become the global trendsetter for innovative rug and carpet design and the world’s largest carpets and related raw materials producer. We have always invested heavily in product development and innovation, believing firmly — and rightly, as our consistent performance shows — that innovation is imperative to maintaining and expanding worldwide market leadership. Never resting on our laurels, our global designers are constantly developing new product lines to meet the changing tastes and trends of a fast-changing global marketplace. That said, the key to our past accomplishments, and the driving force of our continued success, has always been our unwavering investment in human capital.

Oriental Weaver’s global team is hand-picked to provide us with the top international and local talent and includes the motivated, professional, value-driven combination necessary to become an industry leader at the global level. Our team is comprised of top talent both locally and worldwide, ensuring we stay plugged in on-the-ground while remaining pioneers internationally. The foundation of our storied past — and the guarantor of our future — lies in Oriental Weaver’s emphasis on motivation, teamwork and integrity in the workplace: an emphasis that sparked our rise to the top.

As we continue to navigate a changing world, our human capital — in which we have invested so deeply — will remain our most valued asset. It is through our valued employees that we will move ahead providing trendsetting and industry-leading products and services to our clients and customers across the globe.

Mohamed Farid Khamis