Our Segments

Oriental Weavers offers a wide variety of popular, award-winning products both in local and export markets.



As a manufacturer, Oriental Weavers produces three grades (A, B and C) of machine woven carpets and rugs for the market, and is one of the largest producers of machine-woven carpets in the world. OW Hospitality produces unique woven broadloom products, and has established markets in the US and Europe, with offices in London and the US cities of Dalton, New York and Las Vegas.


MAC Carpet “Fiber Factory” is Oriental Weavers’ foothold in the wall-to-wall tufted carpeting segment. A leading Egyptian exporter, MAC’s products are delivered to more than 107 countries, supplying some of the world’s largest retailers.

In addition to wall-to-wall carpeting, MAC’s diversified product offerings include door and kitchen rugs, rubber-backed bathroom mats, multilevel textured mats for outdoor applications, car mats, children’s rugs and mats, scatter rugs and club rugs. MAC also manufactures three-dimensional advertising floor panels, runners and artificial turf for indoor and outdoor applications.


Non-Woven Felt

Egyptian Fibers Company (EFCO) is the group’s manufacturer of non-woven felt and is one of the leading non-woven carpet manufacturers in the world, currently exporting production to more than 67 countries worldwide. EFCO specializes in the production of masterbatch, polypropylene staple fiber and needle felt carpet products including: wall-to-wall carpet; several weights with custom widths up to 4m wide; indoor/outdoor rugs; patterned, printed, engraved and embossed mats; underlay rolls and rug pads; car mats; and bath mats. EFCO uses the latest production technologies to offer a high quality product that complies with international standards.

Fibers and Handmade

Egyptian Fibers Company (EFCO) is also the group’s polypropylene business and engages in the manufacture of polypropylene fibers and polyester. In recent years, Oriental Weavers’ operations have grown to include the highest quality handmade rugs, made in partnership with craftsmen in China, India and Iran, markets long renowned for expertise in hand-woven rugs.


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