Oriental Weavers Maximizes Loom Capabilities to Achieve Signature Designs

August 30, 2016

Getting the most out of its state-of-the-art looms is just one of the many high design distinctions to the Oriental Weavers presentation. Another is the freedom of its talented design team to search for and discover cutting-edge concepts to incorporate into the product mix.

As the U.S. division of The Oriental Weavers Group, the world’s largest producer of carpet and area rugs, the company is proud of its high design identity. Here, Director of Design Mandi Williams offers a closer look.

What elements to your 2016 line best illustrate the concept of high design?
We have two stunning new collections that perfectly illustrate high design. One is our Andorra Collection, which is the result of an unprecedented weaving technology that removes the boundaries and color limitations of conventional woven rugs. It takes machine made to another level. Andorra is comprised of a multitude of yarn systems including twisted, space-dyed and barber-poled, each with an assortment of shiny and matte lusters that culminate in a dramatic palette of over 200 luminous colors. This stunning range of texture and color is used to construct a dense, yet soft pile with a luxurious hand and a beautiful finish. The exclusive variegated yarn system provides textural interest, warmth and durability to create a dramatic collection. It showcases endless color and design options where vintage soul meets modern traditional in brilliant, saturated jewel tones.

The other recent addition is McKinley, which presents a fresh floral perspective that’s popular in the marketplace right now. Here, we feature pixelated and watercolor florals in 17 shades of vibrant, jewel tones. Within the collection we have both abstracts and other pieces that showcase a tile look.

Has high design become a more important component than ever before?
From a design perspective, we feel the area rug business has always been fashion-oriented by nature, so we have always looked to high design for inspiration and direction.

What is the best description of the work of your design team this season?
Designing to and experimenting with loom capabilities and multiple yarn systems to achieve new and different looks for a wide range of customers.

Here, we’re blessed with free reign in our design process. The company understands the importance of having designers with this freedom. They know that we need to allocate resources in order to create great new collections that address the needs of the marketplace.

We work closely as a team, brainstorming on a weekly, and sometimes even a daily basis to report on trends we are seeing. This active collaboration is an integral step in the product development process.

What aspects set your presentation apart from the competition?
We go beyond just working with color and design by being quite adept at maximizing what we can do on the loom, and getting the most out of our proprietary techniques. We also work hard to utilize different yarn systems such as frieze, lustrous, matte yarns and more.

Several years ago, we took the design world by storm by being the first to bring a highend, over-dyed look into a machine-made woven product. This allowed a greater number of consumers to achieve a highland look at a more affordable price point.Through the years, we’ve been proud of the innovation we have achieved in color, materials and technique, making Oriental Weavers a strong resource for today’s rug buyers.
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