Our Distribution Network

Oriental Weavers exports approximately 60% of its production to more than 130 countries on six continents through a distribution network that includes offices in the United Kingdom, Egypt and the United States.

The Oriental Weavers distribution network is best-in-class, globally and domestically. Distribution and warehousing centers in Egypt, the USA, UK, Germany and Canada offer direct access to and unmatched intelligence from the largest and fastest growing markets in the world.


Oriental Weavers Carpet Company has over 80 retail showrooms and more than 40 wholesale stores across the nation, ranging in size from 8,000 square meters at our showcase 6 October City showroom — the world’s largest dedicated to rugs and carpets — to smaller neighborhood stores, with an additional 85 retail showrooms and 16 wholesale stores selling MAC tufted carpets nationwide.



Oriental Weavers has several showrooms worldwide, including corporate showrooms in China, the United Kingdom, Egypt and Canada, and the U.S. cities of Las Vegas, Atlanta, High Point and New York.



803,500 m2 of warehouses across 3 continents (Egypt, USA & China)