Our Strategy

Oriental Weavers has a unique business model that allows it to achieve consistent, sustainable growth.


The company is a global, low-cost producer using efficiency, technology and innovation to deliver margins. At the same time, full vertical integration — backward and forward — smoothes and minimizes costs, allowing economies of scale and scope. A flexible production capacity allows quick responses to market conditions while production across all price points fully penetrates markets. Finally, the group’s global experience and presence ensures unmatched global market intelligence.

Oriental Weavers is focused on organic growth, expanding our global footprint, enhancing our local dominance, ensuring diversification, and furthering vertical integration.


Vertically integrated production facilities spanning three countries. ‘Central Command’ covers +1.1 mn m2 at 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt.


Secure supply chains and sources of raw materials in addition to extensive storage capacity result in controlled costs and flexible production capabilities.


Sales revenues are expended on R&D and design, ensuring that OW maintains its pioneering role in the flooring industry.


803,500 m2 of warehouses across 4 continents enhance logistics and help boost bottom line performance.