Carpet Call Showcases Oriental Weavers Rugs

December 15, 2014

Australia’s largest flooring and carpet retailer, Carpet Call is now showcasing an exquisite range of Oriental Weavers rugs, signifying a new and dynamic partnership between the world’s largest rug manufacturer and one of the largest carpet retailers in the Oceania and the South Pacific region. The move will undoubtedly serve to expose Australian homeowners to an even wider selection of Oriental Weavers’ carpets and rugs, which has already created waves in interior design with its acclaimed products and unique and intricate designs. By bringing a distinct Middle Eastern flavor to a burgeoning multicultural society and capitalizing on such a renown brand, Oriental Weavers and Carpet Call hope to make Oriental Weavers’ rugs the centerpiece of households continent-wide from Perth to Sydney. Check out Carpet Call’s wide collection and visit :