OW Hospitality CEO & MD, Michael Riley discusses the company’s collection of carpets.

October 5, 2015

Hotelier Middle East – HotelierMiddleEast.com conducted an interview with OW Hospitality CEO & MD, Michael Riley discussing the company’s collection of carpets and released it on their website under the HME’s Suppliers You Should Know 2015 section:

When was your company established?

OW Hospitality was founded in 1975.

How many people are employed by your company?

OW Hospitality has roughly 75 employees worldwide, engaged in manufacturing, sales and design offices in Dubai, Cairo, UK and the US. OW Hospitality is owned by the Oriental Weavers Group, the world’s largest producer of area rugs, employing over 17,000 people worldwide.

What are your core products for the hospitality industry?

OW Hospitality designs and manufactures high quality Axminster woven carpets and hand tufted carpets.

What new products have you launched recently?

We have recently launched two new collections: New Neo and Lost & Found, designed by Roger Thomas. This is the second collaboration we’ve had with the famous designer. New Neo is inspired by the growing trend of neoclassical and Greco Roman influence in pattern styling. Lost & Found by Roger Thomas was inspired by his world travels. Throughout his career he has designed some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, casinos, resorts and private residences.

What do you offer hotels above and beyond expectation?

We have an impressive collection of 420 colours to choose from and customise our products, making them seem abstract. Then, if customers need more options we have the ability to produce any colour in the spectrum to suit their needs. In addition, we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Did you know?

OW Hospitality has an huge list of colours and customisation options to choose from.