Rug Makers Score With Hotel Designers at BDNY, Part 2

January 1, 2018

Oriental Weavers’ Elliot Steele walks designer Susan Jacobson, with LSE Architects in Minneapolis, through the striking Boho Vogue collection.
Oriental Weavers Hospitality, which has been participating in BDNY for several years, introduced high-end hoteliers and designers to its vibrant new Boho Vogue collection.
“This year’s show is much better, than last year’s,” said Gavin McDowell, global design director, OW Hospitality. “We’ve had a great show and a lot of interest.” OW used its entire booth at BDNY to showcase the new Boho Vogue, an Axminster, with an electronic Jacquard.
“It is an upscale take on the global Bohemian trend. We’ve designed the collection with lots of layers and texture. It’s a great product for complex, layered design.
And while OW has been in the hospitality marketplace for some time, it’s been putting a new management structure in place and bringing on board experts from the field of Axminster rugs, McDowell noted. “It’s actually my favorite show of the year. It’s a great time of the year to have a show. It’s very manageable, and the location is great.
“We want to develop a name within the marketplace for being the best in high-quality design.”

An upscale take on the global Bohemian trend, Boho Vogue is an Axminster, with an electronic Jacquard