Stemming from our dedication to society and commitment to corporate social responsibility…Oriental Weavers is a sponsor of Baheya Hospital for Breast Cancer

May 23, 2017

Stemming from our dedication to society and commitment to corporate social

responsibility…Oriental Weavers is a sponsor of Baheya Hospital for Breast Cancer

Gauging the success of companies and corporations is no longer measured merely by the size of their

investments, ROI, growth or profitability, but it is also crucial that these organizations partake and fulfill

their social development and environmental duties and responsibilities.

It is in recognition of these responsibilities, that “Oriental Weavers” the world’s leading machine-made

and printed carpet manufacturer, is always keen on making “minimizing production impact” on the

environment” a top priority by reducing fuel, power and water consumption, and expanding its

efficiency and recycling programs throughout all its factories and facilities.

Additionally, “Oriental Weavers” has been a financial sponsor and supporter of Baheya Foundation for

the early detection of breast cancer for the last 8 years working to increase awareness for early

detection symptoms, carrying out the necessary medical checkups, and aiding females from all social

and economic backgrounds to receive the necessary medical services. Baheya Foundation is the first

and largest non-profit hospital specializing in early detection of breast cancer and its treatment free of

charge. Early detection awareness is a crucial goal as it increases potential cure rate to 98%.

As one of Egypt’s largest and leading Egyptian companies, Oriental Weavers also continuously and

persistently works on a variety of other fronts and supports many initiatives it believes can help achieve

the desired social development, and improve societal conditions at large. One of these initiatives is

“Orphan’s Day” organized by Dar El Orman (the renowned charity organization) and takes place annually

on the first Friday of April in Egypt and the Middle East. Oriental Weavers has been a proud supporter of

this initiative for the past 10 years providing a helping hand to thousands of orphaned children.

On the educational and knowledge front, Oriental Weavers supports a variety of universities, and

educational institutes by providing scholarships and financial support for financial aid students as well as

providing free transportation for the students of Sharqeya and Ismailia governorates to and from there

educational institutes.

Furthermore, Oriental Weavers is always at the forefront of initiatives to renew or refurbish places of

worship such as mosques and churches throughout Egypt’s governorates as well as donating area

carpets and wall to wall printed carpets for floor coverings for these holy places of worship.

In an effort to ease the heavy financial burden on many of the less affluent Egyptians, , Oriental Weavers

donates its carpet products to young newlyweds and orphans as well as providing medical supplies and

high budget medical equipment such as liver dialysis equipment among others to a variety of public


Our corporate social responsibility and our duty towards society manifests itself through various means,

be it financial aid, donations in kind as well as volunteer work driven by our core belief of “Giving Back”

to society.

Oriental Weavers is an Egyptian company founded in 1979, with a remarkable history of growth making

it the World’s largest machine-made and printed carpets manufacturer with factories in three countries

and exports covering more than 130 countries around the globe.