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The Oriental Weavers Group is one of the largest and fastest growing rug and mat producers in the world.


Oriental Weavers continues to invest in expanding its capacity and ability to service the growing global rugs and carpet market, and has diversified beyond its core leadership in machine-woven, tufted and needle-punched rugs, mats and carpets. This diversification has seen the group successfully introduce high margin business lines such as Gobelin tapestries, upholstery and floor coverings, and Axminster carpets targeting the hospitality and luxury residential and commercial markets.

This diversified product mix has not only expanded the group’s reach in the textile sectors, but has also lessened its exposure to petroleum-related market risks. In recent years, Oriental Weavers’ operations have also grown to include the highest quality handmade rugs, made in partnership with craftsmen in China and India, markets long renowned for expertise in hand-woven rugs. The group has also signed partnership agreements with Tommy Bahama and Pantone.

In addition to these end products, Oriental Weavers’ vertically integrated operating structure includes production throughout the rugs, mats and carpets value chain. Oriental Weavers subsidiaries extrude, spin and dye the fibers and yarns that are primary components of the carpets that the group distributes across the global market.

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