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The Oriental Weavers Carpets Company is a world-leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of rugs, mats, and carpets. It is a holding company that produces three grades (A, B, and C) of machine-woven carpets and rugs for the Egyptian and global markets. It boasts an annual production capacity of 66.6 million sqm (2020).

Founded in 1979 by industrialist and entrepreneur Mohamed Farid Khamis, the Oriental Weavers Carpets Company has been listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) since 1997. Today, its shares represent consolidated earnings for the company and its subsidiaries.

To accommodate the high demand in Egypt in recent years, Oriental Weavers Carpets Company has expanded operations to include imported handmade rugs of the highest quality in partnership with artisans in China and India. This cooperation brings exquisite additions from various cultures and artists, renowned for their long standing expertise in hand-woven rugs.


Oriental Weavers International (OWI)

Founded in 1998, OWI is an export-oriented, private-owned, trade free-zone company headquartered in the 10 of Ramadan City. Its state-of-the-art facilities handle the extrusion of synthetic fibres, dyeing, and spinning, as well as weaving and finishing of products. The company’s diversified product mix is designed for residential and commercial use, including carpets, rugs and Gobelin upholstery.

In 2012, OWI launched a new fully automated yarn production facility, the King Tut, with an initial production capacity of 120 tons per day.

Oriental Weavers Textile (OWT)

Located in the private free zone area, Oriental Weavers Textiles is an additional export-oriented subsidiary of the Oriental Weavers Group. In line with the company’s growth aspirations, the first phase included the construction of a new plant and adding eleven state-of-the-art manufacturing looms within the last two years. The company is currently building a 4550 sqm additional warehouse for raw materials.

Oriental Weavers Textiles focuses on creating highest quality rugs and carpets with minimal impact on the environment, being an early adopter of international ESG principles.

MAC Carpets "Fiber Factory"

MAC Carpet “Fiber Factory” is Oriental Weavers’ foothold in the tufted carpeting segment and a leading Egyptian exporter to more than 119 countries, supplying some of the world’s largest retailers. MAC has a diversified portfolio of wall-to-wall carpeting, door and kitchen rugs, rubber backed bathroom mats, and multilevel textured mats for outdoor applications. The company boasts a range of car mats, children’s rugs and mats, scatter rugs, and club rugs in its range of product offerings. The company also manufactures three-dimensional advertising floor panels, runners, and artificial turf for indoor and outdoor applications.

In 2017, MAC expanded its portfolio to include new digital printing products in line with global trends in major markets.

MAC runs four manufacturing sites in Egypt, all in the Tenth of Ramadan City. The company also owns a 98% stake in its subsidiary, New MAC, a tufted manufacturing facility operating in a private free zone area.

Egyptian Fibers Company (EFCO)

EFCO manufactures polypropylene fibres and polyester yarn and exports different non-woven high-quality products to more than 71 countries worldwide. The company specialises in producing masterbatch, polypropylene staple fibre, and needle felt carpets. Its product line includes wall-to-wall carpeting of various weights with customised widths of up to four meters; indoor/outdoor rugs; patterned, printed, engraved, and embossed mats; underlay rolls and rug pads; car mats; and bathmats.

EFCO uses the latest production technologies to offer high-quality products that comply with international standards. As of 2021, the total annual capacity of the plant was 22 million sqm.

King Tut Production Facility

Ensuring a seamless supply chain and efficient operating methodologies, King Tut is a new yarn production facility that commenced operations in 2012 with a daily capacity of 120 tons. The factory produces nylon, the primary raw material used by MAC printed and tufted carpets. With excess production capacity, the Oriental Weavers Group is not only self-reliant on yarn but has the ability to export yarn to the United States