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Weaving Sustainable Practice into our Business for over 40 years 

Oriental Weavers is one of the largest corporations in Egypt. We have a long history of sustainable development and an ongoing commitment to responsible practices across six main pillars: Production, Human and Labour rights, Environment Protection, Women’s Empowerment, Youth Empowerment, and Health and Well-being.


Rapidly changing consumer demands and climate change has created a greater need for fairer workplace practice, innovation and efficiencies. We are boldly implementing operational measures to meet these needs.


In our factories, we raise awareness and reduce operating costs by installing more efficient equipment, modernizing business processes, and implementing new technologies.

Together with our partners, co-workers, and consumers, we believe in a holistic approach. It will ensure that every stakeholder of the OW Group is embarking on the same journey toward a better future.


Sustainability is an integral part of our business model. It supports the UN Global Compact’s ten principles and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is aligned with the Egypt Vision 2030 sustainable development strategy. As we build a better future for our customers, employees, organization, and communities, we remain focused on our mission to enrich lives.