Vertical integration is the pillar of Oriental Weavers’ global competitiveness. We operate a turnkey production process — from producing polypropylene granules as raw material for synthetic fibers and blends, to spinning and dyeing yarn, to weaving and finishing and ultimately packing, delivering and distributing the finished products through our domestic and international distribution facilities and retail outlets.

Backward integration means Oriental Weavers produces its fibers and other inputs internally — securing supply and maintaining control over the manufacturing process.
Forward integration across the globe through our dedicated distribution arm, OW USA (Sphinx), and our worldwide warehousing facilities in the USA, UK, Germany and Canada.

Raw Materials

OW International
50% polypropylene fibers
EFCO: 50% polypropylene fibers
MAC Carpet
“Fiber Factory”
polypropylene backing
King Tut
80-100% nylon fibers


Oriental Weavers Carpets
Oriental Weavers International
Oriental Weavers China
Oriental Weavers
MAC Carpet “Fiber Factory”


Oriental Weavers Carpets
Oriental Weavers USA