Oriental Weavers Group is one of the world’s largest carpet, rug and related raw materials producers. Based in Cairo, the group has manufacturing facilities in three countries and distributes its products in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Oriental Weavers was founded in 1979 by industrialist and entrepreneur Mohammed Farid Khamis and has been traded on the Egyptian Exchange since 1997. From a single loom — and building on Egypt’s long textile tradition which dates back to a linen cloth made in Upper Egypt c.5000 BC — Oriental Weavers has emerged as the largest producer of machine-woven carpets in the world and today is the global leader in tufted and jet-printed rugs and carpets.


To maintain our position as the world’s largest manufacturer of rugs and carpets; bringing fashion, innovative qualities, and value driven rugs and carpets to every room in the world.


We strive to assure our leadership position in the industry through offering the most elegant, luxurious and exclusive designs worldwide. We dare to keep exceeding the expectations of our current and future customers and our shareholders alike.

Our Business Model

Achieve consistent and sustainable growth

Oriental Weavers is:

Focused & Innovative

Concentrating on innovation in technology and design. The first in the world to develop 4 million-points-per-square-meter technology.

Vertically Integrated

With complete control over the production and distribution value chain.


Final products cover all price points and uses, ranging from machine-woven, tufted and needle-punched rugs, mats and carpets to Gobelin tapestries, upholstery and floor covers, and Axminster carpets.


Averaging a new product every two weeks.

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Increase in turnover in FY 2017 to EGP 10.2 bn


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