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Our Endeavor for Renewable Energy

23 March, 2023

Our Endeavor for Renewable Energy

Alexandria, Egypt, March 2022 — Being an industrial leader in Egypt, Oriental Weavers has always been committed to become a role model through achieving various milestones that reflect positively on both the industrial sector and the society as well. One of the visionary goals for the company has always been investing in different sources of renewable energy that aid us to improve our environmental impact. The vision continues through the full implementation of a new solar power station in Alexandria, Egypt.

On March 6th, 2022, the Chair of Oriental Weavers, Mrs. Yasmine Khamis, along with the governor of Alexandria, Mr. Mohamed El Sharif, have attended the opening ceremony of launching a new solar power station in the mega retail showroom of Oriental Weavers in the city of Alexandria. The new station is equipped with state-of-art solar panels that allow the station to produce electrical energy with an output of 259 KW, which will generate more than 500 MWH annually. The station will help to reduce the carbon footprint of the company with the amount of 250 tons of CO2 annually.

The new solar power station has been a valuable addition to the efforts made by the company in the past years to enhance its commitment to sustainable development. Such efforts allowed the company to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) with figures exceeding 20, 000 tons annually. There will be more similar projects related to clean and renewable energy to be implemented in the coming years to include more of the company’s retail showrooms.