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We are committed to developing and retaining our most important asset – our people. The Oriental Weavers Group has over 25,000 employees across our distribution network of 130 countries. We are proud to build an international bedrock of inclusiveness that thrives on learning, creativity, and performance.

We work within the International Declaration of Human Rights framework, maintaining transparent human resources policies and procedures for management and labour.

Our mission to enrich lives extends to the communities in which we operate. We work with our suppliers, service providers, and affiliates to ensure all entities follow the same labour standards within our supply chain. We remain vigilant in our efforts to respect human rights, ensuring written compliance with laws that prohibit child labour abuses.

Our procedures meet or exceed domestic laws and industry best practices everywhere we operate – from pay to benefits such as subsidized medical treatment for employee families, labour rules, and management processes.

Continuous communication with our teams is one of our leadership’s priorities. Providing channels to express gratitude, encouragement, and motivation is the foundation of our new program. We believe employee appreciation will enhance opportunities to bond, reinforce our values, and encourage respect for the contributions made by all employees across the organization.